Nikki Louder's new single Trout

Slovenian noise-rock trio Nikki Louder are announcing new, their fourth full-length album "Trout", which will be released on December 15th 2015 on Moonlee Records and Založba Radia Študent. Impatient ones can already taste first single "Trout", which is available for streaming and free download on Moonlee Bandcamp. Nikki Louder is a noise rock trio coming from Kamnik area, Slovenia, whose three full-length albums ("Alain, I’m Sorry", 2009; "Our World Died Yesterday", 2011; Golden Men, 2013) were received very positively by critics and audiences. Nikki Louder's past discographic efforts showed their ability to deliver a different, yet consistent signature sound that progressed further with each new release and ultimately made them the most skilled band of the genre in the area. Also their new material is offering usual messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay and noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures, which altogether dominate the soundscape. Here comes "Trout" - feel free to serve yourself.

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