Nikki Louder released »Trout«

Slovenian noise-rock trio Nikki Louder just released »Trout«, their fourth full-length, available both on CD and LP format and also as free download, which is result of cooperation between Moonlee Records and Založbe Radia Študent. »Trout« is already the fourth full-length album by this interesting Slovenian noise-rock trio, which keeps constantly progressing, reenvisioning and reinventing themselves while remaining true to the foundations they've built their sound around. Beginning of the album slowly evolves, creating spacious atmosphere of expectation before gaining momentum and sucking you into Nikki Louder's messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay that they are known for. Sometime mid-record, things get more straightforward and vigorous – noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures dominate the soundscape, complemented with carefully integrated feedback and dissonance of an untamed, screaming guitar, and muffled, troubled, shouting vocals on the top of everything. Nikki Louder's new album is simply the beauty of noise. Nikki Louder will promote new album with bunch of shows within the local region, but in mid-January they will also perform on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen (NL) on Januray 13th and 14th and build a short tour around that. Nikki Louder's future shows: 18.12.2015 @ Kamnik, Dom kulture (SI) 12.1.2016 @ Schaffhausen, tbc (CH) 13.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) 14.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) 15.1.2016 @ DE, tba 22.1.2016 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI)

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