Bernays Propaganda singing "Laži me, laži me"

In the period of kitschy christmas-newyear euphoria Macedonian danceable post-punk combo Bernays Propaganda, whose name directly refer to Edward L. Bernays, is singing "Laži me, laži me" ("Lie to me, lie to me"). That’s how first single from upcoming, fourth full-length album is called. Their new album "Politika" will be released on March 14th 2016 for slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records. Single "Laži me, laži me" is available for streaming and free download at Moonlee Bandcamp profile, as well as on YouTube channel. After hundreds of concerts, 3 albums and even a tour in USA, we can without a doubt say that Bernays Propaganda is one of the internationally most recognized bands from Macedonia. The danceable post-punk activists are a touring beast, which suffered line-up changes in late 2014, switched the drummer for a machine, and was reborn in summer 2015 with new line-up and new sound – shamelessly flirting with more electro-indie-pop influences. All this makes the excitement about new Bernays Propaganda album even bigger. Quickly after album release Bernays Propaganda will depart on one-month long european tour in April and May. However, already in early February they will perform on MENT Ljubljana, international festival & conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, happening between 3rd – 5th February 2016. Laži me, laži me...

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