Politika - a new album by Bernays Propaganda

Macedonian activist musicians Bernays Propaganda have released their fourth album "Politika" today, March 14th 2016. Their new album, which sets an important milestone in band’s career, is released on the Slovenian independent label Moonlee Records available in the CD and LP formats, as well as a free download. It is clear from the get-go that Bernays Propaganda present themselves in a different light on the new album. “Politika” flirts with electronic new-wave, taking away some of the guitars’ sharp edges, while the pace is dictated by a drum machine. A bold move by a band who had the guts to change their sound and approach to music on their fourth album. The new material recalls the sound of New Order and other new-wave artists from the early 80s, as well as the sounds of German indietronic in the vein of The Notwist, a band that underwent a similar sound transformation with their album “Neon Golden”. Compared to the band's previous releases, “Politika” is permeated by a more melancholy tone – a suitable reflection of the times we live in – putting the vocals more in the spotlight. Bernays Propaganda are lyrically they are as fierce as ever, uncompromisingly commenting on the modern way of living and the position of each individual in the contemporary madness called democracy. After the album release, Bernays Propaganda are heading out on a month-long European tour in April and May. Check out the dates below.

European "Politika" tour:
14.04.2016 @ Kraljevo, Veselo majmunče (RS)
15.04.2016 @ Beograd, Elektropionir (RS)
16.04.2016 @ Krško, MC (SI)
17.04.2016 @ Kranj, Layerjeva hiša (SI)
19.04.2016 @ Genoa, Disorder Drama secret shows (IT)
20.04.2016 @ Schaffhausen, Tap tab (CH)
21.04.2016 @ Geneva, La cabinet (CH)
22.04.2016 @ Marseille, La Sale gaule (FR)
23.04.2016 @ Toulouse, Le Hangar (FR)
24.04.2016 @ Barcelona, Blokes Fantasma (ES)
26.04.2016 @ Zaragoza, Eccos (ES)
27.04.2016 @ Oviedo, Lata de zinc (ES)
28.04.2016 @ help needed! (FR/ES)
29.04.2016 @ Périgueux, L’Écume des Jours (FR)
30.04.2016 @ help needed! (FR)
01.05.2016 @ Rotterdam, WORM (NL)
02.05.2016 @ Benelux TBA
03.05.2016 @ Benelux TBA
04.05.2016 @ Düsseldorf, Brause (DE)
05.05.2016 @ Amsterdam, OCCII (NL)
06.05.2016 @ Groningen, De Gym (NL)
07.05.2016 @ Eisenberg, H2O-turm (DE)
08.05.2016 @ Berlin, ACUD MACHT NEU (DE)
09.05.2016 @ Prague, Cross (CZ)
10.05.2016 @ Bratislava, Fuga (SK)
11.05.2016 @ Graz, Sub (AT)
12.05.2016 @ Ljubljana, Gromka (SI)
13.05.2016 @ Koper, Inde (SI)
14.05.2016 @ Novi Sad, CK13 (RS)

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