Borghesia – Better Live Than Dead

After respectful 33 years since its beginnings, Borghesia has lived to see its first live album. "Better Live Than Dead" offers five old songs in new form that were recorded live wih a renovated line-up at their concerts at Klub Mochvara in Zagreb and Kino Šiška in Ljubljana in October 2015. Live mini-album, which is available exclusively in digital format through Bandcamp (for free, but you can also choose 'name-your-price' option), is released by the Slovenian record label Moonlee Records. Slovenian influential electronic rock group Borghesia, one of the pioneers of EBM music, made a comeback in 2014, released their latest album "And Man Created God" (Metropolis Records) and settled in a new line-up a year later: Dario Seraval, Aldo Ivančić, Andraž Mazi, Jelena Rusjan and Irena Tomažin. New times, new members and fresh creative forces are reflecting also on new band's sound, what is evident already on their last album. At the same time, old songs get a new form on live performances as well, therefore Borghesia decided to present and mark down five od their old songs (Tako mladi, Young Prisoners, Am I?, Nočne šetnje, Pasto Nudo), which were recorded live at their concerts at Klub Mochvara in Zagreb and Kino Šiška in Ljubljana in October 2015, and now released as live minialbum "Better Live Than Dead" (Moonlee Records) in digital format. Jani Mujić took care of sound and recordings, while Aldo Ivančić did the mix and mastering. Cover photo was taken by Janez Gerčar, while Antonio Karača did the cover design. From the chosen songs, it is worth pointing out the song 'Nočne šetnje', which was actually the first Borghesia video, produced way back in 1983. The concert in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana was recorded by RTV Slovenija for TV show Aritmija (Aritmični koncerti):, which was used for video of the song 'Pasto Nudo'. Borghesia is currently working on new songs to be released in a new album in 2017, while at the same time announcing their shows at Festival Lent (Večerov oder) in Maribor (Slovenia) on Thursday, 30th June 2016, and at Exit Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia) on Friday, 8th July 2016.

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