Debeli Precjednik and Mašinko searching for the monkey of the year

Croatian punkrockers Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Mašinko joined forces in the year of the monkey to find the monkey of the year – the result is split album 'Godina Majmuna / Majmun godine' (in english: 'The Year of the Monkey / The Monkey of the Year'), which was released on October 25th 2016 in CD, LP and digital format for slovenian record label Moonlee Records and croatian Dirty Old Label and Dostava Zvuka.

With their new songs, Debeli Precjednik continue where they left off with last EP ‘Povijest bolesti’ (Moonlee Records, 2014). Fast, energetic and catchy punk-rock songs, with hookable guitar riffs and recognizable vocals, jumping between Croatian and English languages, once again prove that Debeli Precjednik are a world-class band. Their side of the album is finished with a surprising remix, shedding new light on the band… This is followed by a blast-off from Mašinko, with their humorous and anthemic melodic punk-rock, sung in Croatian, making sure their melodies stay stuck in your head for the entire day, night, morning. Their songs echoes the best part of bands such as Pasi, Atheist Rap or even Hladno pivo, making their upcoming popularity rise after this album no surprise at all.

The quest for the monkey of the year is now officaly open, and it sadly seems like there are more candidates with each passing year. But at least we now have a perfect soundtrack for it.

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