Dälek remixes a Werefox song 'Orange Red', transforming it into a hypnotic mantra!

A Slovenian alternative rock band Werefox joined forces with the U.S. experimental hip-hop group Dälek, who remixed their song ‘Orange Red’ from their latest album ‘Das Lied der Maschinen’ (2016, Moonlee Records). Dälek transformed the original song into a transcendental, meditative 8+ minute odyssey, taking you on a sonic drone journey through an orange red landscape. As the song’s reverb slowly fades out into oblivion, one can’t help but wonder how Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine would have liked the hypnotic sonic mantra you’ve just experienced.

By blending hip-hop with noise, industrial and shoegaze in the late 90’s, Dälek were way ahead of time or their peers, inadvertently “mapping nev continents” for future acts such as Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, Run The Jewels, etc. Since the group’s beginnings, they have been touring the world extensively, sharing stages with such giants as Tool, Melvins, De La Soul, Isis, Mastodon, The Young Gods, etc., and they were signed by Mike Patton’s label Ipecac. One of Dälek’s more notable collaborations came with the album ‘Derbe Respect, Alder’ (2004, Staudgold), for which they collaborated with the German kratu rock legends Faust – in the same year, Dälek also appeared on the song ‘Weapon of Opportunity’ by the Slovene alternative rock band Psycho-Path, released on the album ‘Désinvoltura’ (2004, More Noise Less Music). Dälek went on a hiatus in 2011, but returned this year with the new album ‘Asphalt for Eden’ (2016, Profound Lore Records).

Dälek (photo by Eric Kjensrud)

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