Moonlee website is open sourced

Recently, we have announced our new website and it's the one you are looking at the moment.

But, what we haven't mentioned back then, is that our website is open source. For developers and geeks, this is probably a well known term - but in case you are not familiar with it, it means that all of our website's code is publicly available and anyone can contribute to it or use it on their own.

That's right - and if you don't believe it, you can check the code at our Github profile.

Why have we decided to open source our website?

Well, there are more reasons, but we can summarize it to most important ones. Moonlee website is a project that has been built in-house, by people (Dražen Perić and Antonio Karača) who are assisting Moonlee already for some time now. It was not built by some random agency, everything has been transparent since the beginning and there was no restriction about which technology should we use or that we should finish it in shortest time possible. So yes, for website you’re looking at the moment, it is definitely over-engineered but we are also not limited if we want to build anything more from this - which we definitely will do.

Because it has became quite custom solution, we thought it could be useful to a similar labels like us. So, for example, if SubPop wants decides to build a new website, they can use our solution as a skeleton for their own thing. Or they can just grab some ideas from it. At the end - it depends on how you will find it useful.

And by giving it to the public, we also give people an opportunity to contribute to it by either coding or fixing a specific thing, or just by reporting us an issue that we need to take care of.

What’s the most interesting thing in here?

You can find examples of how to fetch latest images from your Instagram account, how to get shows from a Songkick API, how to get latest Youtube videos, Twitter posts, how to subscribe to an existing Mailchimp list and so on.

What are the technologies used to build Moonlee website?

Ruby on Rails (current version 5.0.1) as a framework for backend development, Active Admin as an administration for RoR, ES6 and SCSS on the frontend, CircleCI for continious integration, Sentry for error tracking, Code climate, Rubocop, couple of tests with Rspec (there should be more) and so on.

What's the current website status?

We are currently doing bugfixes and visual fixes in current version and then we will add some smaller functionalities and enhancements. After that, we have a plan to build another page section, which will be related to Moonlee booking. This will be ready in next few months.

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