Seine announcing debut album 'Sno sna'

Dreamy folk-punk Croato-Serbian trio Seine launched another new single 'Svog' to announce release of their debut album 'Sno sna', which is coming out on September 14th 2017 on Moonlee Records and Vox Project.

Seine started in 2007 by Ivan Ščapec but it only got the deserved attention after the hiatus of his former band Vlasta Popić in 2015. Beginning as a singer-songwriter project, Seine later developed into a full-fledged band with Dimitrij Mekotanović Petrović (Vlasta Popić, Radost) on drums, percussions and back vocals and Boško Mijušković (Straight Mickey and the Boyz, Škrtice) on the bass. In 2016 they played at Nektar Demo Fest in Banja Luka (BIH) and won the largest band competition in the region. The award was a chance to record their debut. After playing MENT Ljubljana 2017, Seine joined forces with Moonlee Records and result is their debut full length abum 'Sno Sna' (The Dream of a Dream).

‘Sno sna’ is a showcase of dreamy acoustic strumming, psychedelic bass lines and minimalistic though hearty drum patterns interwoven into a tale of love and longing. 'Sno Sna' may be listened to as a punk’s tale in the disguise of a folk record, or vice versa, a heartfelt folk album gone punk.

To get a hint on 'Sno sna', check out also first three Seine singles:
Šilo // Ko // Kritika čistog razuma

In late September / early October Seine is heading on European tour. Dates will be announced soon.

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