Seine Eastern European Tour Begins Tomorrow!

Zagreb-based post-indie/folk/punk trio Seine is heading on its fourth European Tour through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia to promote their debut album ‘Sno Sna’ (Moonlee Records, 2017).

Ivan Ščapec’s (ex Vlasta Popić) singer-songwriter project developed into a full-fledged trio Seine in 2015. In the following years, the band released intriguing singles, toured the Balkans and Europe, won festival award and after an impressing performance at MENT Ljubljana in 2017, the band became part of the Moonlee Records family and soon released its debut album.

While the focus of the tour will definitely be on 'Sno Sna', a punk's tale in the disguise of a folk record defined by dreamy acoustic guitar textures, psychedelic bass lines, hearty drum patterns and Ščapec's dainty vocal timbre, the band will also present some of its new material that also incorporates electronic sounds. According to many regional music publications, 'Sno Sna' is one of last year's most acclaimed debut albums from the Balkans… an exceptional mixture of indie folk, post punk, emo, chamber pop and alt rock influences.

You now have the chance to experience it live in your hometown.

Check the tour dates below:
24.5.2018 @ Ponava, Brno (CZ) / FB
25.5.2018 @ Das Liga, Kroměříž (CZ) / FB
26.5.2018 @ Hidrozagadka, Warsaw (PL) / FB
27.5.2018 @ Art Café Barakah, Kraków (PL) / FB
28.5.2018 @ Hajovna, Žilina (SK) / FB
29.5.2018 @ Klub Lúč, Trenčín (SK) / FB
31.5.2018 @ Auróra, Budapest (HU) / FB
1.6.2018 @ Grand Café, Szeged (HU) / FB
2.6.2018 @ Slamanje, Osijek (HR) / FB

… see more Seine dates here…

Another 20-days Western European Tour is planned for October 2018, which should lead them through Austria, Czech, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. Watch out.

Seine videos:
Šilo // Ko // Kritika čistog razuma

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