Borghesia's new single - Ljubljana spi

Mr. Moonlee presents ‘Ljubljana spi’, the first single from the upcoming full length album from Slovenian electronic music pioneers, EBM icons and video art trailblazers Borghesia. Proti kapitulaciji’ (‘Against Capitulation’) is out 23rd October 2018 on Moonlee Records in digital, CD and double LP formats.

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The album is based on the timeless poetry of Slovenian luminary Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926), “the Nikola Tesla of modernist poetry”. His verbal explosives calling against sterile politics and petite bourgeois provinciality have been resurrected by Borghesia.

Single ‘Ljubljana spi’ (‘Ljubljana Is Asleep’) is a playful but eerie industrial rock stomper, boasting with Borghesia’s signature libidinal grooves. It reflects the record’s erratic new wave and haunting industrial character. Echoes of Luigi Russolo’s The Art of Noises can be heard in the application of steamship horns and other concrete sounds. An off-kilter bass line defines the mood, wildly spiralling into a sonic madness. “The phone lines are dead,” the singers exclaim, seconds later realizing: “Oh, but this one is cordless.”

‘Ljubljana spi’ is the portent of a coming storm hovering over a dormant Europe and a frightening symbol of the similarity between Kosovel’s and our time.

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