Seine announcing upcoming album with new single and video 'Nebo'

Unique Croatian freak-folk-punk-trip-hop duo Seine has published a video for a brand new song 'Nebo', first single from upcoming album to be released on May 6th 2019 for Moonlee Records and Vox Project.

Seine’s long awaited first single from their upcoming sophomore album is here! Accompanied by a music video in stop motion technique made by Marina Uzelac, the new track 'Nebo' is a jam of biblical proportions. Since the beginning, Seine have had a special way of addressing the human condition. This time, the lyrics have been ingeniously translated into a stunning short movie starring stuffed puppets on a quest for something they cannot really grasp.

Seine is an ever-changing project by singer and guitarist Ivan Ščapec that currently operates from Zagreb as a punk duo with Dimitrij Petrović on drums, who played together already in Vlasta Popić. In 2017, Seine has released the critically acclaimed debut 'Sno sna' (Moonlee Records, Vox Project, 2017), one of the best regional albums of the year. Opting for an amorphous sound, the duo navigates between poetic punk, uncon ventional indie and freak folk. Incessantly on the road, the two have earned a reputation for their dazzling and heartfelt live performance. On their upcoming album duo promises a new batch of even more intri cate tracks that merge their signature electrified acoustic punk with freshly in corporated trip hop tropes and electronic sounds, all sprinkled with Ivan's dark but witty lyricism.

Seine future shows:
24.4.2019 @ Zagreb, Tvornica kulture (HR)
26.4.2019 @ Čakovec, Klub Prostor (HR)
9.5.2019 @ Ljubljana, Križanke - 50. let Radia Študent (SI)
10.5.2019 @ Ravne na Koroškem, KMKC Kompleks (SI)
17.5.2019 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
18.5.2019 @ Novi Sad, Bulevar Books (RS)
24.5.2019 @ Maribor, Gustaf – Solar Pulse Festival (SI)
21.6.2019 @ Škofja Loka, Pri Rdeči ostrigi – letni vrt (SI)
October 2019 – European tour

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