Nikki Louder strike again with a new EP!

After a four-year lull the Slovenian noise rock champs Nikki Louder are back with three new songs and a thunderous self-titled 7'' EP, which came out today, July 3rd 2020 on Moonlee Records

On the new EP, the concept of Niki Louder as a power trio, driven by the idea of maximum sonic impact, remains as relevant as ever. All three tracks are marked by a distinct smoky atmosphere, half way between the realms of Eros and Thanatos, and pierced by screams of despair, longing and ecstasy in the form of abstract associative lyrics that only add to the enigma. The rhythmic section conjure up solid spiral grooves, while high-pitched vocals and elastic guitar dissonances are responsible for the dynamic transitions between catchy melodicism and explosions of amorphous distortion.

An intense, heartfelt and uncompromising sonic blast by the one and only Nikki Louder!

Grab your copy!

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