News From Belgrade: Gazorpazorp Are Fearless!

The up-and-coming Serbian alternative rock quartett Gazorpazorp presents the new music video for ‘Ne bojim se’ – the third single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Od vazduha i sunca’, out on Moonlee Records on December 4 2020.

New single ‘Ne bojim se’ (I’m Not Afraid) is an exquisite example of inspired contemporary alternative rock infused with various Yugoslav rock flavours from the past, which brings forth the band’s mellower and dreamier side.

Ne bojim se – video: Youtube
Ne bojim se – download: Bandcamp

The video for ‘Ne bojim se’, signed by the young creative team led by Gvozden Ilić (director) and Jana Anđić (director, photography), features the band in a rather uncanny situation with a mysterious woman. Their most filmic music video to date for sure!

Don’t be afraid, new Gazorpazorp record is coming!

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