KOIKOI announce debut album with music video 'Ogledalo je zrcalo'

Serbian indie-rock band KOIKOI is the latest addition to slovenian record label Moonlee Records. They are releasing first single and music video 'Ogledalo je zrcalo' to announce their debut album 'Pozivi u stranu', which will be released on June 4th 2021.

Music video is directed by renowed serbian director Mina Đjukić, whose movie 'Neposlušni' (The Disobedient) even made it to the Sundance Film Festival. She directed also music videos for bands Crvi and Repetitor (Beskraj). About 'Ogledalo je zrcalo' Mina said: "Music video was made as an instinct answer to my experience of the song. Playful mantricism, riddle of words and meanings, drove me in the similar game with images, afects and tension. Such a game could drive us to the edge, towards the altered experiencing of him/herself, but also towards places of freedom, although impossible or only short-lived. Music video was produced in guerilla circumstances and with small crew, but with loads of inspirational creative energy, dedication and beauty of the risk."

KOIKOI is a fresh name from the vibrant and ever-evolving Belgrade music scene that first made the rounds in the 2019 with the song on compilation by Hali Gali, a platform that brings together new generations of musicians and audience, unencumbered by genres and prejudices. The band consists of Marko Grabež, Emilija Đorđević, Ivana Miljković and Ivan Pavlović Gizmo – a bunch of creatives from various backgrounds with a simple common goal of writing exceptional indie rock / alternative pop that fills the gap between the intimacy of the underground and mainstream glamour, a space on the Balkan music scene that’s been unoccupied for far too long. The gap is now filled by astonishing KOIKOI debut album, which charmed Mr. Moonlee, and hopefully soon also the whole ex-Yugoslavia region.

KOIKOI links: bandcamp / facebook / instagram / youtube

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