Meet Lelee and their new single Kopnež

Mr. Moonlee is excited to present slovenian post-punk/power pop trio Lelee and their first single 'Kopnež', announcing their debut album 'Čuka bije pumpa' to be released on June 18th by Moonlee Records and canadian label Ill in the Head Records. On 'Kopnež' they joined forces with enfant terrible of slovenian alternative scene and synth mag Blaž (Blaž Gracar).

Kopnež : download (Bandcamp) / stream

Already for 17 years Slovenian indiependent record label Moonlee Records is searching, connecting and exposing eclectic guitar sounds from the whole ex-Yugoslavia region. And Lelee fits perfectly into the frame - the Ljubljana-based trio comprises Belgrade-born vocalist and bassist Jelena Rusjan (Borghesia, TRUS!), Macedonian guitarist and vocalist Damjan Makevski (Rush to Relax, Molokai) and Slovenian drummer Jan Kmet (balans, Kalu). As participants of Club Marathon 2020, the yearly club tour around Slovenia organised by Radio Študent, the band made a name for itself on the regional alternative music scene with its radiant and exciting d.i.y. indie sound and interweaving male-female vocals in serbian-macedonian languages.

Lelee are champions of melodious indie songwriting with a knack for pop sensibility, smoothly delivering catchy choruses and light-hearted, sometimes nostalgic and every so often even more fierce melodies – ideal for long motorway escapades and never-ending summer wanderings. And Kopnež is only the first stop towards their refreshing debut album. Longing for more.

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