Let's sail on Misisipi with the second KOIKOI single!

New serbian indie-rock attraction KOIKOI invites us to 'Misisipi', hymnic second single and music video from upcoming debut album 'Pozivi u stranu' to be released on June 4th 2021 on Moonlee Records.

Misisipi – video: YouTube
Misisipi – download: Bandcamp
Misisipi – stream: link-tree

Single 'Misisipi' combines hypnotic psychedelia, rockish explosivity, polyphonic vocal hymnicism, rhythmic jumpiness and all-present tension, which altogether offers great base for music video full of action on 'local Misisipi'. Music video is directed by Raško Miljković, known mainly for his movie 'Zlogonje' (The Witch Hunters), winning many international movie awards, who described his collaboration with KOIKOI: "It's a great pleasure when you shoot a video for a song you really like. It's even greater pleasure when you shoot a video with a team of exceptional authors. But the greatest pleasure is when during the shooting you feel like going back to the student days, to some very entertainting excursion. And when in the end the music video itself is even better than you initially imagined, altough standards were set high already in the start. Huge thanks to the crew and the band for positive energy, hard work and faith in this crazy idea."

KOIKOI have set the stakes high with first two singles 'Ogledalo je zrcalo' and 'Misisipi', therefore we are impatiently awaiting their full length debut with 10 new songs. And nothing will ever be the same...

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