Gazorpazorp with animated music video – 'Outro'

Young serbian post-punk band Gazorpazorp presents new music video 'Outro', already fourth single/music video from their latest EP ‘Od vazduha i sunca’.

Animated music video is result of cooperation between friends – music video was edited by Ilija Petrović, while Nikola Mijailović did the animations. Ilija described the music video as: »Outro is my favourite song from Gazorpazorp's album, because there is lots of music in it. Music that is very playful, therefore we did a music video as animation, contributed by my friend Nikola.« Playfullness!

Next step? To 'bring back tenderness in town' ('Vratite nežnost u grad') and with it round up and conclude the story of 'Od vazduha i sunca' EP. And then to impatiently wait for new musical adventures of one of the most potent young bands from Belgrade.

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