Lelee’s New Video for Their Latest Single Nestaješ

Slovenian indie-rock/post-punk band Lelee returns with a new single and music video for Nestaješ, released on Slovenian independent label Moonlee Records. The music video was directed by Ivana Ljubičić, a multimedia artist based in Zagreb.

Nestaješ is a true odyssey of fading love and suffering done the Balkan way. The psychedelic indie sound, reminiscent of regionally distinctive etno melodies and irregular rhythms, will take you on a trip through the rocky Balkans, where emotions run high, languages intertwine and everyone lives as if there is no tomorrow. Imagine if King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard got lost on their European tour and ended up in a tiny tavern in the middle of nowhere, got drunk with Vlatko Stefanovski while Altin Gün was playing on the radio – that’s exactly where you’d find Nestaješ, the latest song by Ljubljana’s Lelee.

The music video was directed by the Zagreb-based multimedia artist Ivana Ljubičić, a master of glitch and digital collage art working under the monikers Amio Mon and faded code. The director’s approach plus the band’s quirky energy turned out to be a match made in heaven, the result of which is a video full of shimmering visual effects, colours and raw emotion galore. Quite psychedelic indeed.

Lelee are set to debut the new single live at MENT festival in Ljubljana, on thursday, March 30 at Gala Hala.

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