Malolije - new music video by Croatian trip-hop trio SEINE

Croatian trip-hop introverts SEINE have released a new music video for the song 'Malolije', directed by Marina Uzelac and featuring the famous Serbian actor Bane Trifunović.

'Malolije' is the second single from the critically acclaimed album 'Naizust', released in 2022 on Moonlee Records and Vox Project, which topped many of the best album of the year lists. The music video is the result of a crowdfunding campaign Signed Collection, organised in collaboration with webportal Ravnododna, in which the band's fans supported the production of the video by buying their vinyls, thus funding the making of the video.

The video was shot in Pančevo, Serbia, and shows a meteorologist (played by Serbian actor Bane Trifunović) in a world where it never rains, even though the weather forecast is always predicting rain. See how the meteorologist deals with the situation in the video.

Seine tour dates:
7.9.2023 @ Zagreb, VIB (HR) – Eine
20.9.2023 @ Beograd, Dok'n'Ritam (RS – Eine
5.10.2023 @ Ljubljana, Gromka (SI)
6.10.2023 @ Maribor, Vetrinski Dvor (SI)
20.10.2023 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
21.10.2023 @ Osijek, Slamanje (HR)

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