SEINE released conceptual music video: Zakaj?

After releasing two singles from their third album 'Naizust' (Moonlee Records, Vox Project) the Zagreb based trio SEINE released the third single and music video 'Zakaj', announcing the upcoming concerts at the MENT Ljubljana festival and Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb.

The music video for the song 'Zakaj' (in english: Why) is the first video by the band that was not produced by Marina Uzelac but was instead independently produced in a DIY manner. With this, SEINE are closing the 'Naizust' chapter and dedicating themselves to working on a new album.

SEINE is a project by Ivan Ščapec, which became a band in 2016. The current members are Dimitrij Petrović, Vatroslav Živković, and Ivan Ščapec. So far, they have released three full-length albums for the Slovenian label Moonlee Records and have played more than 200 live concerts.

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