Blender was actually born years ago, after the release of the album Jantar, when Andrea Giordani, a versatile artist and a friend of the ŽEN, made her own version of the song Iskrenost je posebna. This opened the door for a completely different experience and perspective of ŽEN sound. On the occasion of the band's 10th anniversary, in addition to Andrea, ten other musicians produced their impressions and views on ŽEN songs from past three albums. These are all musicians, producers, and multidiscplinary artists with whom ŽEN interacted and interwined on the scene through years of friendship, concerts, jamming, listening to and playing music. Blender is composed of nine different approaches to band's music, all of which uncompromisingly represent their author's characters and styles, while subtly, but clearly keeping the essence of the original. Although conceptually very different, these nine songs - many of which were created in conditions of lockdown and complete isolation – flow naturally into a comfortable whole.


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post-rock, electronic

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