Debeli Precjednik

Bruto Slavo / VBK

One of the best hardcore punk bands hailing from the Balkans is finally back with its 4 th studio album, which offers fifteen instant punk rock anthems. The record is divided in two separate parts, ‘Bruto Slavo’ (Ugly Slav in Italian) and ‘VBK’. The first 12 tracks present the listener with the quintessence of the band’s musical output so far – a conglomerate of their distinctive, one might call it ‘Slav’ sound. Or to put it more simply, the good old FAT PREZIDENT we all know and love, yet with a thoroughly refined feel for catchiness and melodicism. The remainder of the record presented under the title ‘VBK’ takes a different turn. Sang in Croatian, this pseudo-EP is permeated by a mellower atmosphere and marked by brighter sound production. Thematically, ‘Bruto Slavo’ remains as insightful, deeply emotional and socially engaged as FAT PREZIDENT records always have been. Thus, if you consider yourself a fan and connoisseur of bands in the vein of Strung Out, Good Riddance, Propagandhi, Rise Against, Satanic Surfers, and SNFU, you will love this record by default.


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Punk rock, melodic hardcore

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