ENTREAT. was born in 1997 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, for a single purpose only, i.e. to fulfill the people involved in it. Those familiar with the country’s western underground scene of Goriška region will agree that the local metal, hardcore, and punk bands all possess a common melancholic, sometimes turbulent character, which is also the case with ENTREAT. Their amalgam of tonally clean guitar intersections, potent hardcore riffs, and distorted ambiental layers won the band the label emo metal, though obviously in the context of “90s Swedish death metal meets post-hardcore”, and far from its modern connotations. Despite their undeniable emotionalism, their roots are to be found elsewhere, namely in the northernmost part of Europe where Swedish hardcore and metal thrive best. After a long period of incubation in the infamous Alpha Omega Studio, the band is now ready to unleash its latest creation, their second full-length ‘Deincubation’, which functions as a conglomerate the members’ understanding of heavy sound design, yet with a marked new vision permeating all the eleven tracks. Ride desperado, ride!

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Death metal, metal core

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