Gde ćeš

The loudest trio from the Balkans returns with its third full-length ‘Gde češ’ on which they further explore their distinctive blend of garage rock candor, post-punk volatility, and noise rock ferocity. The record hits you with a high-octane wall-of-sound underpinned by vocal outbursts of furor, qualm, regret, and anxiety. On the one hand, there is Boris with his tremoring vocal cords, psychotically shredding chords and discharging heavy riffs with the force of a hurricane. On the other, we have the exuberant and playful Ana-Marija, incessantly conjuring concise rhythmic patterns that are firmly glued to Milena’s vigorous drumming. Seeing her behind the drum set, she gives the impression of an untamable wonder woman hitting cymbals and membranes as if it were the end of times. When on stage, the Belgrade-based band coalesces into a full-blown rock’n’roll trinity, breathing and sweating as one. Their live shows are nonpareil – the reactions of audiences and steadily growing fanbase all around Eurasia (from China to Russia, and all over Europe and the UK) are hard proof. Yet, in their straightforward songwriting one may hear distant echoes of the past, especially bands like The Stooges, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Suicide, Bikini Kill, and others. Still, they sound so authentic, so inimitable that we may simply describe them as one of the greatest European rock bands of the 21st century.  


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Post-punk, alternative rock, garage rock, stoner rock

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