Debeli Precjednik / Mašinko

Godina majmuna / Majmun godine

The split album ‘Godina majmuna / Majmun godine’ (Year of the Monkey / Monkey of the Year) brings together two of the most acclaimed Croatian punk rock bands of the moment. With an intriguing collection of fresh songs, DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREIDENT continue where they left off on their last EP ‘Povijest bolesti’. Their speedy, energetic, and catchy tunes with lingering guitar riffs and Koca’s unmistakable vocals in both English and Croatian prove once more that the band ultimately belongs to the milieu of world-class punk rock. Their side of the split is drawn to a close with an unforeseen, staggering remix, which sheds new light on the Osijek veterans. The album proceeds with MAŠINKO’s anthemic melodic punk rock centered on the humorous Croatian verses. Their captivating melodies stay stuck in your head for the entirety of the day; they rock your mind through the night and wake you up the next morning. The band’s sound primarily brings to mind regional colleagues such as Pasi, Atheist Rap, or perhaps Hladno pivo, this is why their ever-increasing popularity in the Balkans comes as no surprise.



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Punk rock, punk, melodic hardcore

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