Nikki Louder

Golden Men

NIKI LOUDER is a tumultuous rock trio from Slovenia. On their third full-length ‘Golden Men’, the band parts ways with its predecessors. We may loosely describe the record as helter-skelter post-punk unpredictability meets instrument-slaughtering noise rock. Their quintessential multilayered textures of guitar cacophonies and agile, rock-solid drum patterns are still there. Dancing wildly above the instrumentals are Blaž’s heartfelt screams and shouts. The album feels a bit more straightforward and less hermetic. There is an intangible ethereality to the songs; they are more palpable and concrete, making the LP an easily digestible treat for an audience wider than ever before. But be warned! ‘Golden Men’ is by no means less heavy or intense. The band’s development only manifests their capability to evolve despite working inside a sonic frame which can often be restrictive, particularly for bands that are not as dexterous and sophisticated as NIKKI LOUDER.

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Noise-rock, math-core, alternative

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