Far from being one of many, ANALENA breathes and exists as a singular being in search of the perfect, joyfully melancholic harmony between resignation and the will to life. Their partly mellow, partly abrasive sonic expression rouses the listener’s imagination from the first tones to the last decaying sound. The band’s third album ‘Inconstantinopolis’ is a rare example of highly innovative and emotionally balanced song-writing in the spheres of post- hardcore, screamo, and melodic punk rock. We invite you to take a seat in ANALENA’s futuristic city shuttle; let them guide you through the inconsistently changing metropolis of ‘Inconstantinopolis’. The tour begins in the district of Ana’s full frontal screams, continues through the area of sharp guitars cuts and thundering bass lines, and finishes with a visit of the industrial zone where everyone works according to Zet’s rhythms. Let loose, listen to their dynamic, atmospherically varied and overall dreamy music, and stop taking yourself so seriously. Firmly established as one of the main names of the Croatian underground scene for over a decade now, ANALENA do not rest on their laurels; on the contrary – fueled by DIY activism, the Zagreb-based quintet is now more determined and avid than ever before.

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Postpunk, screamo, alternative

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