Nikki Louder

Our World Died Yesterday

NIKKI LOUDER ARE a chaotic noise rock trio from Slovenia. ‘Our World Died Yesterday’, the band’s second LP for Moonlee Records, is NIKKI LOUDER at their most true to form – as authentic an expression of what they do as can presently be committed to tape. Shining in all its eardrum-piercing glory, their sophomore release rocks us with titanic guitar riffs, ill-tempered drum beats, and ferociously wailing vocals. The band incessantly spits out high-powered bursts of percussion-driven guitar noise, occasionally slowing down for a few melodic twists, though only as a short break from more speaker-ripping sonic thunder. The record is engrained with the sounds of various hardcore / math / noise rock acts. There is a constant feel of immediacy, an urge to punch you in the guts, to awake you from deep slumber. Lyrically, their surreal, often hardly graspable verses add to the shadowy nature of ‘Our World Died Yesterday’, a record that sounds like some kind of lost gem from the Ebullition Records catalogue of the 90s.

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Noise-rock, math-core, alternative

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