Hesus Attor

Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1

HESUS ATTOR never conceal their influences. They cherish their metal and hardcore roots, though they often reflect on them through the optics of irony and satire. To them nothing is sacred. Being big eaters, they devour and digest everything, only to spit it out in new forms. Always turning a blind eye to tradition, using Deconstructivism and Dadaism as reference points, their mathematically precise mixture of anti-musical genres has positioned HESUS ATTOR outside any imaginable framework. Listening to their music brings about feelings of avant-garde nausea and postmodern disorientation. They are as untamable and impalpable as Mr. Bungle once used to be, though one may also draw parallels with the Japanese experimental demons Boredoms and Ruins, or even John Zorn of the early 90s. The outcome of ‘Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1’ is spectacular: a delicious mixture of parody, schizophrenia, and absurdity of Ionescan proportion.

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Dadaistic math-core, avantgarde, experimental metal

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