Senata Fox

The Acracy Discourse

SENATA FOX’s main aim has always been to take the best ingredients from as many past and contemporary hardcore punk bands from all around the globe possible, mix them with personal tastes, and bake them into a gluten-free cake for anarchists. Their principal forms of expression are chaotically fast beats and grinding guitar riffs working as sonic metaphors for the angers and frustrations of the modern life. One might call their sonic vision an idiom of thrash punk, others would hear it as crustcore, and some could interpret it as powerviolence or hardcore. It is true, there is nothing crucially new hidden in their songs. But when we concentrate on the rhythmic intricacies, their sense for melodic structures, catchy slogans, and their whole attitude, SENATA FOX leave us breathless. They manage to be both stern and whimsical, with irony being one of their most effective weapons. The album is composed of the band’s entire discography so far (singles, splits, and compilations), a few unreleased tracks, as well as some live video footage. If you have ever imagined an amalgam of all your favorite thrash/hardcore bands between Brazil and Japan (I Shot Cyrus, Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, DxSx 13 and many others), then ‘This Acracy Discourse’ is the closest you will ever get to it.

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Hardcore, punk

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