This Bilk Is Radioactive

BILK is a band comprised of young students of architecture, music, and medicine, but despite their different backgrounds they share one common feature: all three members use their individual craftsman’s skills, academic knowledge, and natural gifts to the fullest, always constructing soundscapes with surgical focus. Their heuristic approach has enabled them to produce a brilliant record that features a sound unheard in this region of Europe up until now. The grooves built by the interplay between drums, bass, synthesizer, and guitar quote various music styles, though the boundaries between them vanish as soon as they appear. BILK present the listener with a pastiche of purely positive musical vibes. You will inevitably get caught by the flow of beats and melodies, and somewhere mid-record, nodding your head with a grin on your face, you will say to yourself: “Yes, this is it!” The title ‘This Bilk is Radioactive’ functions as a warning, for you should all be warned! Once you will immerse yourself in BILK’s world contaminated with hooks so catchy you will be unable to stop dancing, shaking, and singing, the only thing we will have to say in our defense is whatyour mother always used to say: “You’ve been warned!”

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Electronic, breakbeat, electro rock

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