Debeli Precjednik

Through The Eyes Of The Innocent

Croatia’s finest hardcore punk act is back with its long-awaited third studio album ‘Through the Eyes of the Innocent’. No matter how many punk rock records you have in your collection or how many hardcore shows you have witnessed, once you hear this gem you will feel like a slack-jawed novice hearing the Ramones for the first time. The band has been refining its distinctive ‘Slav’ sound since 1993, and thirteen years later it seems as if they have finally found its finest embodiment, which sounds something like the passion of Boy Sets Fire meets the good old punk rock spirit of Hot Water Music. With Koca now only doing vocals, he has kind of evolved into the modern Milo Aukerman, both vocals- and performance-wise. To get the full picture, you must thus see their high-voltage live shows where their socially critical, frighteningly accurate lyrics are often sang in unison with the ardent audiences. Step out of your ivory towers, people, and try to look at the world through the eyes of the innocent.

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Punk rock, melodic hardcore

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