Trust This Hands… Are Worthless.

‘Trust These Hands… Are Worthless’ comes as the essence of the band’s incessantly developing formula of energetic, yet harmonically and rhythmically complex punk rock transfixed by ideas from the realms of hardcore, emo, and post rock. Their authentic form of expression, already explored on their debut ‘…Keeping Ourselves Close to Our Hearts’, possesses dynamism in the tradition of Propagandhi, fast-paced drumbeats reminiscent of Strung Out, and utterly emotional vocal harmonies from both guitarists. IN-SANE’s blend of catchy, though sharp melodies, thumping bass, and raging breakbeats and breakdowns does not leave any room for indifference. They represent everything punk rock should be about – pure energy, dedication, passion, and, above all, DIY ethic. Trust these hands… they are priceless.

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Punkrock, hardcore, alternative

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