Hundreds of sonically unpredictable acts have emerged from Eastern Europe in the past few years, though none of them sounds anything like Vuney. With its 2 nd full-length ‘V2’, the Mostar-based trio shatters the stereotype that bands usually present everything they have learned on their debuts, leaving little space for surprise on the following releases. The atypical interplay between guitars and modern psychedelic electronica could hardly sound any better. Listening to their sophomore record, one cannot ignore the band’s talent as far as musicianship and songwriting go. Andrijan, Nedim and Asmir showcase their astounding skills without self-praise. The tiniest of sonic details is handled with extreme care and thoughtfully arranged into a full-scale soundscape, always balancing between the sonic palette of a rock band and electronic live act. With their multi-layered form of expression, Vuney’s music is likely to balm the eardrums of electronica aficionados, particularly fans of Squarepusher and other Warp Records protégés, as well as those keen on rhythmically and harmonically intricate rock bands in the vein of both Tool and Pink Floyd.

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Electronic, experimental, post-rock, ambiental

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