We Are Electric!

If you live on the old continent and have not heard of HITCH yet, you must be living in some shithole. The now defunct Belgian trio, which released six records for labels like Machination Records, Delboy Records, Kinky Star, and Vlas Vegas Records between 1995 and 2010, was certainly one of the hottest names of the European indie rock scene. Their fifth LP ‘We Are Electric!’ is hard proof. The layered vocal harmonies, Mich’s mind-bending guitar riffs, Paul’s raucous bass lines, and Oliver’s breathtakingly tight drumming are likely to mess around with your brain. It does not make any sense to compare HITCH to other bands; no matter how cheesy this may sound, they are a god-damn unique piece of musical expression. Of course, if you listen attentively, you might catch sonic glimpses of the DC area bands’ catalogues, perhaps some mid-nineties alt rock stratagems, but at the end of the day they will remain the one and only HITCH. Recorded at Kozmo Studio in Zagreb, Croatia, ‘We Are Electric!’ is the equivalent of electric waves running down your spine, making you shiver, sweat, and smile at the same time.

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Noise rock

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