We Are Storms

The Zagreb-based post rock band rising from the ashes of DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS hits the regional scene with its debut full-length ‘We Are Storms’, an enthralling collection of ten tunes that will take you by storm. The explosive, wholly-instrumental compositions are distended to the point of erosion, reiterated in continually changing sequences, and plied with extra-musical implements of atmospherics and abstraction. The LP lacks the boring qualities of post rock, leaving out endless crescendos or the unnecessary, self-referential soundscapes, which usually make you ask yourself: “Are they gonna start playing now, or what?” STORMS swallow you like a spiral sandstorm, offering energetic, in-your- face tracks that rarely surpass the 4-minute mark. The STORMS sound is a tangible projection of the players’ underlying emotions and spirit. You dig the new MOGWAI records? You will dig this even harder.

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Postrock, alternative, instrumental rock

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