Getting its start in 1982, Borghesia is an influential electronic rock group created in Ljubljana, Slovenia by members of the alternative theatre group “Theatre FV-112/15”. Borghesia created its aesthetics using the imagery of what was prohibited, tabooed, and repressed. The band, along with fellow Slovenian music collective Laibach, were not only at the forefront of Slovenian alternative music scene, but also on the cutting edge of the burgeoning underground dark electronic scenes. Borghesia, who are considered as one of the pioneers of EBM music, released four albums on one of most important indie labels - Play It Again Sam, and played several shows all over Europe.

After a period of dormancy from the mid-nineties to 2009, Borghesia began to once again create music. In 2014 they released new record "And Man Created God" (Metropolis Records, 2014) and made a shocking comeback with a full band and new sound, which is more rock orientated with multiplicity of influences and styles (folk, electro, industrial, etc). New album is a compelling, confrontational work of art; the subject matter of this album touches on the idea that the corrupt, diseased systems of old are just replaced with more of the same. In 2016 Borghesia released live EP "Better Live Than Dead" (Moonlee Records, 2016) to capture new sound of five old songs, which were recorded live in Ljubljana and Zagreb in autumn 2015.

Borghesia - Better Live Than Dead

Better Live Than Dead




EBM, industrial, electro rock

Years active

1982 - present


  • Dario Seraval - vocals, programming
  • Aldo Ivančič - drums, programming
  • Andrej Mazi - guitar
  • Jelena Rusjan - bass, vocals