Better Live Than Dead

In 2014, the godfathers of the Slovenian electronic music scene and one of the pioneers of the EBM genre made a comeback with the LP 'And Man Created God' (Metropolis Records). The new line up consisted of the original members Dario Serval and Aldo Ivančić, and newcomers Andraž Mazi, Jelena Rusjan and Irena Tomažin. Their fresh perspective on BORGHESIA's sound resulted in a new vision, which is now encapsulated on the mini live record 'Better Live Than Dead'. The album offers five freshly interpreted classics (Tako mladi and Nočne šetnje from Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti (1985), Am I? and Pasto Nudo from Escorts and Models (1988), and Young Prisoners from Resistance (1989)). The songs were recorded in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, and Mochvara, Zagreb, during their tour in October 2015. 'Better Live Than Dead' is a digital-only Moonlee release.


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EBM, industrial, electro rock

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