Chang Ffos are heavy. Not the kinda heavy you're used to. They're heavier than that. Period. Imagine all the steel Sweden has to offer, multiply that with a million and you might get a picture of how heavy this psychedelic rock meets sludge meets hardcore meets doom meets noise outfit is. They've been around for over ten years, rocking all over the place and touring. 

Imagine Neurosis' heaviness, Converge's energy, Today Is The Day's craziness and the atmosphere provided by Kyuss, and you're on your good way to enter the temple of CHANG FFOS. Their one and only album "Trust This Arcane Device" was released on Moonlee Records (2006).

Chang Ffos - Trust This Arcane Device

Trust This Arcane Device




Sludge, post metal, post hardcore, psychadelic rock

Years active

2007 - 2011


  • Nikola - drums
  • Ivan - vocals
  • Ashas - guitar
  • Alen - bass