Chang Ffos

Trust This Arcane Device

CHANG FFOS are some heavy dudes. Not the kind of heavy you are usually used to; more like a hundred fat elephants simultaneously crushing your skull. Now, take these chubby animals to a parallel dimension where gravity functions with a force a thousand times higher, and you might get the idea how this psychedelic rock meets sludge meets hardcore meets doom meets noise four-piece band sounds. Imagine Neurosis’ heaviness, Converge’s energy, Today is the Day’s craziness, and Kyuss’ atmosphere; you are now on good tracks to reach the temple of CHANG FFOS. The debut was recorded at Kozmo Studio in Zagreb in May 2005. It was all recorded to tape under the careful eye of Mr. Jomi Ajommi from Analena and Lunar. Mr. Steve Austin, founder of the legendary Today is the Day and owner of the Austin Enterprise, took care of the mastering. With its nine songs clocking just over 45 minutes, ‘Trust This Arcane Device’ is just as mysterious and esoteric as a genre-bending heavy record should be.

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Sludge, post metal, post hardcore, psychadelic rock

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