Cripple and Casino is noise-rock band from Zagreb, which challenge the underground music scene with their noisy post punk aesthetics - half-spoken, half-shouted and half-sung vocals, strong blend of caustic, angular riffi ng around roving basslines and and plenty of spacious rhythm breaks. All in all, it doesn’t sound much unlike their friends Analena.

Cripple and Casino released their debut album on US label Radio is Down, which gotten numerous positive reviews in many corners of the world. Their second LP “With High Regards” was released in January 2013 (Moonlee Records, Radio is Down Records) and it reflects a now tighter and smarter band. And it definitely reflects what they have been from the beginning - four newbies with a wish to rock.

Upcoming shows

  • 03.02.2017 @ Klub Močvara, Zagreb (HR)

Cripple and Casino - With High Regards

With High Regards




Post-punk, noise rock

Years active

2007 - present


  • Petra Dražić - vocals
  • Sven - guitar
  • Danijel Zec - bass
  • Marko Knez - drums