Cripple and Casino

With High Regards

Hailing from Croatia, CRIPPLE AND CASIO’s sonic expression is rooted in the lavish legacy of American indie rock with influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Jawbox and Girls Against Boys, only to name a few. These influences are not worn on their sleeves, however, for the band has developed a singular sound – the song “Blood of my Blood” being one of its most radiant examples. Evidently, there is a noisy post-punk aesthetic permeating the tracks; half-spoken, half- shouted, sometimes even sung female vocals blend with caustic, angular riffs, rumbling bass lines, and spacious rhythmic breaks, bringing to mind their Zagreb-based colleagues Analena. The ten tracks function as fragmented short stories, the abstract, yet clearly conscientious verses riding on the backs of rambunctious and dissonant sonic textures. All in all, it is practically impossible to deal with this sophisticated document of audio violence with anything less than high regards.

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Post-punk, noise rock

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Analena, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, Girls Against Boys