Don't Mess With Texas was formed in Zagreb, Croatia in January of 2004 after the break up of Radio Free Isaac (and prior to that, bands Nikad and Lunar). During first years they have frequently toured in support of their highly acclaimed self-titled album and played numerous shows in Croatia and across Europe (Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina) arousing the interest of many fans with genuine instrumental music that defies easy categorization.

In 2007 DMWT released their second album "Los Dias De Junio", which is structured in a similar manner as the band's debut. It is full of glorious moments. It is a carefully constructed album with equal parts of minimalist swell and swirling tension of sound providing each instrument in the texture plenty of space. There is an unspeakable clarity that runs through this record. Mesmerizing subtlety can be heard in aery guitars and lush piano which interweave through the solid and sturdy rhythms. Despite the despodent atmosphere, these nine songs do not appear crestfallen, but provide the sense of ease and placidity with the turbulent undertow.

Don't Mess With Texas - Los Dias De Junio

Los Dias De Junio

Don't Mess With Texas - s/t





Post rock, instrumental rock

Years active

2004 - 2008


  • Neven Kamenski - keyboards
  • Ozren Mlinarić - drums
  • Saša Relić - guitar
  • Slobodan Alavanja - bass