Don't Mess With Texas

Los Dias De Junio

Following the release of their sophomore album ‘Los Dias De Junio’, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS have positioned themselves in the summit of the Croatian post rock scene. With its form and structure comparable to the band’s debut ‘S/T’ from 2004, the record is interspersed with explosively glorious moments. It boasts with its carefully conceived sonic formula of minimalist swell and swirling tension provided by the bountiful textures of guitar lines strata. There is some kind of unutterable clarity permeating the compositions. The listener is mesmerized by the subtlety of the airy guitar crescendos meeting lush piano progressions, all revolving around the concise and sturdy drumbeats. Their music relaxes and perturbs at the same time. Despite an all-enveloping feeling of despair, the nine tracks do not leave us fatigued and deflated spiritually, but gradually foreshadow the possibility of full catharsis. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS have managed to condense their dazzlingly epic sound into well-defined and focused songs; dynamic, sometimes hush and serene, but always far from pompous or overstuffed, just like a sunny day in June right before the storm.

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Post rock, instrumental rock

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