Matej Končan alias kleemar from Murska Sobota is a unique enfant terrible of Slovenian IDM electronics scene, so the decision to publish his music on record for the first time after years of anticipation, twisted the lips of music critics and lovers of IDM and sophisticated synth-pop into a sincere smile. Kleemar drew attention long time ago, first through live performances with his all-star team Därectalchex, then by making a great deal of remixes of local bands (Psycho-path, Manul, Sphericube, Dežurni Krivci, New Wave Syria...), and finally as a member of the popular band Lollobrigida. However, in his solo career, kleemar uniquely incorporated subtle Prekmurje melancholy into his electronic expression, which resulted in a completely new, sentimental and dreamy "kleemarian" soundscape.

Despite his rich and long history kleemar officially released only split 12” with TRUS! entitled “Banana Split” (Moonlee Records, God Bless This Mess, 2013), where he took care of sentimental ethereal electronics which explores the subtle melancholic microambients and delightful atmosphere. Kleemar also remains undefinable by genre, as he draws influence from very diverse artists such as Mount Kimbie, Dan Deacon, Gold Panda, Four Tet, Album Leaf, Caribou...

Upcoming shows

  • 24.02.2017 @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI)

Kleemar / TRUS! - Banana Split

Banana Split



Years active

2003 - present


  • Matej Končan - synth, sampler, vocoder