Kleemar / TRUS!

Banana Split

‘Banana Split’ brings to the table a double, thoroughly exciting dose of astute and poignant musical expression. Bursting with energy and child-like curiosity, TRUS! fill their half of the split with their fusion of post-punk playfulness, indietronica mischief and the plain seductiveness of trashy pop. It is simply impossible to position them into regular genre compartments or draw comparisons with other bands. There is something ethereal about the trio’s capability to fuse Jelena’s charming voice with Marko’s sophisticated rhythmic structures and Boštjan’s synth-driven melodic formulations. On the second half, KLEEMAR takes us on a journey through his sentimental, celestial electronic soundscapes, artfully exploring low-key micro ambients and developing them into full-blown walls-of- sound that will make you shiver. Despite the impossibility of placing him into a specific scene, the Prekmurje-based producer draws influences from artists as diverse as Mount Kimbie, Dan Deacon, Gold Panda, Four Tet, and Caribou, only to mention a few. With its aesthetic design that would make Warhol proud, ‘Banana Split’ is a piece of vinyl not to be missed on your record shelf.

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Indie, post-punk, synthpop, IDM, electro

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