What would one want to know about LUNAR? There is not much that needs to be known, as it would be more appropriate and rewarding to simply listen to their music. 

Their debut album There Is No 1 (Carnival Tunes Records/Delboy Records, 2000) had been met with critical praise all over the place. While supporting it, they toured a lot and beside playing bunch of shows in Croatia, they played in many European countries. Their second album First And Last Lost was supposed to be released by same record labels. However, the digital machinery with the files of the record broke down and the record was lost forever. 

Their third full-length is named Turbo (Moonlee Records, 2004) because that's how it sounds. Gigantic and great. An appropriate title for mostly instrumental music which consists of dynamic and propulsive rhythms interwoven with delicate guitars. Turbo is a sound of wandering through nebula or a soundtrack for the solar eclipse. Turbo is a mysterious space travel followed by a pleasant return to Earth. However, it may be something completely different.

Lunar - Turbo





Post rock, instrumental rock

Years active

2003 - present


  • Miodrag Gladović - guitar
  • Nikola Uršić - bass
  • Davor Bolant - guitar
  • Bojan Kotzmuth - drums