Werefox are by no means newcomers to the music scene, since they are experienced musicians with a rich musical background. The vocalist Melanija Fabčič – Melée and the guitarist Sašo Benko – Bekko first crossed paths in the legendary Psycho-Path. Bekko is also known for his unique riffs in the band Manul, his solo project Bekko and being a member of Kleemar's live band. It made perfect sense for them to join forces with colleagues from the regional scene – drummer David Halb and bassist Manuel Hahn who were bandmates in Sphericube and Kleemar's live band. David was also a member of the Croatian Lollobrigida in their most fruitful period. 

Werefox's critically acclaimed debut album "I Am Memory" (God Bless This Mess, 2014) established them as one of the more intriguing protagonists in the scene, supported by stylistically sophisticated videos for March of the Finest and The Redneck Genius Story. On their sophomore album “Das Lied der Maschinen” (Moonlee Records, 2016; which translates to “The Song of the Machines') dirty sonic guitar riffs flirt with anthemic catchiness and take almost pop melodies on a wild ride in a rusty furious machine

Upcoming shows

  • 15.02.2017 @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI)
  • 18.02.2017 @ Unknown venue, Slovenj Gradec (SI)
  • 07.04.2017 @ Wetrinsky, Maribor (SI)
  • 08.04.2017 @ MKK Bela Krajina, Crnomelj (SI)
  • 15.04.2017 @ Klub A3, Knin (HR)

Werefox - Das Lied der Maschinen

Das Lied der Maschinen




Alternative rock

Years active

2011 - present


  • Melanija Fabčič - vocals
  • Sašo Benko - guitar, back vocals
  • Manuel Hahn - bass, back vocals
  • David Halb - drums