Das Lied der Maschinen

The Slovenian alt-rock band WEREFOX is by no means a newcomer to the local music scene. Quite the opposite, its members being experienced and skilled musicians who used to play in various Slovenian bands (Psycho-Path, Sphericube, Manul, Kleemar, Bekko etc). On their sophomore album ‘Das Lied der Maschinen’, the band kicks off hard, yet manages to impress with each subsequent track as if we were travelling through parallel worlds. Lush arrangements, rich dynamics, and overall diversity might trigger comparisons to QOTSA, The Dead Weather, or even Bosnian Rainbows. With its carefully arranged tracklist, listening to ‘Das Lied der Maschinen’ one cannot ignore the shivers running down the spine as grungy guitar riffs shamelessly flirt with anthemic stadium catchiness in the guise of melodic progressions on the verge of pop. It feels like taking a Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet 1973 on a wild ride across an infinite desert. After 39 minutes, the machine self-willingly drives off a Grand Canyon-like cliff and thus concludes ‘The Song of Machines’, which are awaken from a long, long slumber at last.


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Alternative rock

Similar to

Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather, Bosnian Rainbows